Summit Magnolia, Elements at Centris Wedding // Jomar + Julie

Every photographer will always remember the first time he leads a wedding, and I’m no exception. Sure, I may have covered a few dozen weddings before but never as the lead photographer, when the success of the entire day’s coverage rests on your shoulders. Heavy!

I had never met Jomar nor Julie, and I wouldn’t until the day of the wedding because they’re based in the US. It was through our common friend, Charmaine, who I visited in Washington, DC last year that they saw my photos and got in touch. Without once meeting up, the shoot was booked and I would lead my first ever wedding.

I’ll admit (now that the wedding’s done) that I was nervous at first. I was at the hotel lobby half an hour early, thinking how I would rally the team and pep everyone up for the big day. All my tension disappeared when I met Julie and Jomar (separately) and both greeted me with a warm ‘hello’. Jomar and Julie were so easy to work with, and it was such a fun first wedding to cover. I consider myself really lucky to have met this couple whose wedding I will forever remember as my first lead.

From Julie:
One of my top nonnegotiable suppliers is the photographer. Before I booked Matt, everyone kept asking me if I was going to get (insert name of famous photographers) and I always said no because I believed that while they do deliver beautiful results, I knew that there are other photographers out there that are better and yet not ask for half a car’s payment! When I looked up Matt’s portfolio, I knew I had to contact him ASAP: from his photos, I saw his ability to capture people in their element and make them feel at ease in front of the camera. Weddings are happy occasions, and I wanted all of the excitement, radiance, beauty, and fun of ours caught on film (or in this case, memory cards haha). A sampling of our photos below are testimonies that he and his team absolutely nailed it. To Matt, I am still amazed at how God nudged you in our direction, because I can’t imagine someone else taking our photos. Thank you for our wonderful pictures, I’m so excited for our future children and grandchildren to see them! ‘Til our next shoot!

Coordination: Just Like Ours
Preps: Summit Hotel Magnolia
Ceremony: Parish of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Reception: The Elements at Centris

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